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New Website

New WebsiteAre your sales are not as good as you would like them to be? It’s no secret that Google have changed how they rank websites based on how they were created. If don’t have a mobile friendly website, Google simply will ignore it. This can cost you thousands of dollars and lost leads.

We are here to help you get into a new website without breaking your budget. We will get you going with the perfect website that’s design specifically for your industry starting at just $49 a month!

What’s included in the website?  Because we know what it takes to please Google and your customers, nothing will be left behind when it comes to features. See features below.

  1. Hosting – We host the site for you and keep it safe and functional.
  2. Website – Easy to manage mobile friendly website with a blog section for educational and SEO purposes.
  3. Email – We want you to look your best so we will create a professional email like “
  4. Review system – Did you really though we would leave this out? Nope. Its included to help you grow your business.
  5. Private member’s area – This area will have video training on how how to manage your website.
  6. Marketing Training – This will be at the member’s area. Facebook Marketing & SEO training to help you land more customers.


Q. How do I get started?
There’s a small deposit of $249 to get started.
Q. How long it takes to get my site up and running?
It can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the optional features you want.

Samples of websites that can be customized –
1. Click to see Plumbing

2. Click to see Handyman

3. Click to see Landscaping

4. Click to see Roofer