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How It Works

Our Lead Pump SystemHow it works? You are looking at a glimpse at how our system works and why this will be important to you as a local services provider in the Orlando, Kissimmee area. Our lead system is control by a combination of human and software working together seamlessly to attract potential customers around the clock.

Our unique system attracts homeowners and landlords looking for current qualified service providers like yourself who can handle their needs.

We don’t sell leads:
Unlike other services who sell their leads, the service providers can simply login to their private dashboard to see if they have any pending new leads to engage. We built our system based on what the consumers and contractor’s wanted. The consumer don’t want to be called by hundreds of service providers and contractors don’t want to buy leads that were sold to hundreds of other.

Why our system is valuable to your business?
You see, most contractors don’t have the time to create blogs, articles, videos and so much more to get their advertisement seen. Simply having a website no longer works. They are business folks. We use real staff and software to help us add fresh content videos, articles and Social postings. For offline we are talking to Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, brokers, property managers and contractors. Our system is ideal for those who are just too busy to do what we do Mon-Friday and our 24HRS software.

Social Media and Video Promotions
We will randomly promote our paid subscribers on Facebook and YouTube to increase their visibility because we care about their success.

Did you wish you gotten in when Google and Facebook had gotten started? Don’t miss your chance with us now. Once we have all our contractors in place the doors may close.


If you are a homeowner, Landlord or a property manager:

Contractors in OrlandoIf you need a reliable contractor you found the right place. If you see a contractor here it clearly means they care to provide quality service to its customers. All the listed companies are screened to make sure they are licensed and reliable in the state of Florida.

When you view a listing you will be able to contact them right from their profile listing and be able to see their Social Media, company website as well as their reviews left by others.

Leaving a review: Please help us create a better community by leaving your service provider a review.




If you are a contractor:

This is your grand opportunity to create a long lasting relationship with your new customer. The Good customer experiencefirst step is to complete your profile. The more information the potential customer have of your business the better opportunity you will have to get that lead. Though our experience instead of having a picture have a video done it engages customers and converts well.

Professionalism: Once you get the lead, show up early and have all the full documents for your customer to sign. Be crystal clear about what you are going to and always aim to please your new found customer.

Reviews: Encourage your new customer to leave you a review as this will help you gain new one in the future using this platform.

Google Friendly Business Listings:
Create your professional listing in our directory. Business listing are easy to manage and great way to reach clients searching for your services. Business listings are optimized for search engines using Google Maps and the names of your directory’s categories.

Integrated Google Maps:
Your profile will fully-populated with the Google Maps database. Simply enter your address and our system creates a map in your profile to help you rank better in Google. The entire site is searchable by location and our integrated Google maps will boost your local search rankings as well getting you more exposed.

Photo Album Publisher:
Photos make any listing look awesome. The Photo Album Publisher enables you to upload photos. Photos are a great way to showcase your work.

Ratings & Reviews:
Ratings and reviews are a great way to add credibility to your listing. Members can invite customers to leave reviews to help strengthen the quality of their business listing.

Visit the FAQs section to learn more about our services.