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You control the lead process from start to finish.

If you get a lead its up to you to close it. Here’s the best part…You are the only one getting it. Unlike other services who sells the same leads to hundreds of your competitors. How fair is that?

  1. How does Self Service leads work?
    We constantly promote our unique services to thousands of homeowners who may need services like yours. We use videos, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogs, articles and work with Real Estate agencies and brokers to get the word out. We do massive amount of advertising so you don’t have too.
  2. How do I get my leads?
    Simply login to your private dashboard to access your leads and get the customer’s contact information.
  3. Can you help me spice up my listing with a custom video?
    Yes, for an additional fee we will come out and shoot an amazing video that converts well.
  4. How many of the same services will be in this directory?
    We are a very unique service and with that being said we will ONLY accept 3 companies for the Orlando Area and another 3 for the Kissimmee. That’s a total of 6.