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About Us

About Self Service LeadsWe are a group of marketers and former contractors helping local contractors and property owners come together under one place to meet each other.




Contractor’s Problem:
We are constantly hearing how most of the contractor’s paid leads turns out to be shared with hundreds of other contractors leaving them to fight for each lead they are paying for. This is an unfair practice that should be stopped because it don’t help either party.

Homeowners and Landlords:
When these fine folks need a qualified service provider, they don’t want to wait and get called by 100’s of contractors who are just rushing to get a job.

Our mission is simple: Help Homeowners and Landlords connect with qualified contractors from a single easy location by simply coming to our platform and picking the right one who meet their needs instead of getting calls from 100’s of other companies who may not fit their needs.

More about our services:
This is a lead generation service. We own and run several informational sites including this directory that educates the public about what’s available to them. We channel online traffic to our directory. Some of our contractor clients may also have lead generation websites design to attract potential clients. Those websites have their contact information.